Welcome to King's College London Business Club (KCLBC), the largest student society at King's, and voted No. 1 enterprise society in the UK by NACUE.

We believe that business in everyone's DNA, waiting to be stimulated and inspired. Our team aims to do just that, and provide students at King's unforgettable, and life-shaping experiences. We partner with leading companies and organisations to give students insight into a bit of everything, from entrepreneurship to investment banking.

KCLBC is free for King's students to join - we don't charge for the majority of our events, nor do we charge a membership fee. KCLBC is your society to make the most of, and we hope you find your future with us.


We host evenings with the biggest and best companies in the world. From consulting to technology, you have the opportunity to learn about and engage with these firms.


Our competitions, workshops and panels provide you with the skills and ideas that stay long after they finish. 



Whether networking with corporate representatives, or finding like-minded friends, KCLBC aims to help you find the people who will stay with you long after university.

Our vision is not to merely provide a platform for our members, but act as a springboard getting you exactly where you want through inspiration, education and connections.

This year, we also aim to play a greater part in student life both professionally and socially. We are always striving to take a bigger part of the entrepreneurial environment we’re surrounded by in London, and with our members, we hope will be enable us to create a strong network of interesting individuals with regular get-togethers and opportunities for you as a student.
— Sebastian Sunde (President, KCLBC)

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The Business Club is structured around its variety of divisions. Individual societies in their own right and size, they come together and help each other become the best society for King's students. 

There are 5 divisions in total: Enterprise, Corporate Relations, International Relations, Marketing, and HLS. 

Over 4,500 active members

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